Attention! Farah teacher is in the house!

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It was not only a pleasant surprise for the housemates to find Farha Khan as the new host but they all looked very excited. But, Farah made it very clear to everyone that she is going to be a strict teacher, who will keep an eye on every ongoing activity during the whole week. She started off giving her views on each one of them inside the house and asked Gautam if she could call him GULLU for the rest of the season. Gullu, I mean Gautam, couldn’t help but blushed like a shy boy. She asked him to get out of the coma and become the same old entertainer that he was in the beggining of the season. She then asked him ”Mujhse dosti karoge?”  Cute aint it?


Going on to Pritam she told everyone that Pritam is like one of those people who comes from chota sheher but tries very hard to adjust with the cosmopolitan crowd! She said how all the Bhaabiz out there love him a lot, Pritam responded saying “ Har aadmi ke tarakkai ke peeche ek aurat ka haath hota hai,mere peeche toh kayi auraton ka haath hai”  True that Pritam! The most amuzing description was for Karishma, when Farah said “Karishma wo ladki hai jo class mein sabse aage waali seat pe baithti hai, har baat pe haath raise karti hai, dusre bacchon ki complain karti hai. But such students are always teacher’s pet!” So Farah, are you trying give some hint to KT? Is she going to be your favorite? For Dimpy, Farah said she scrutinizes everything in the house and gets a proper understanding and then uses the same thing as a weapon against someone. Ah Dimpy you are caught babe! Whereas for Ali it was told that he is a thorough entertainer indeed but she also added “Magar tum thode khisske hue ho na?”


What perception did Farah have for the five challengers? Is she trying to scare them all that she knows them quite well and that nobody could project a pretentious outlook in front of her?


How was the orientation on the first day of the class?


Catch it all in tonight’s episode @ 9pm!


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