Arjun and Irfaan join the fun in Comedy Nights!

posted by , last updated on July 19th, 2013 at 6:59 pm

With COLORS’ newest venture Comedy Nights with Kapil doing exceedingly well with the audiences, what with Kapil and his family’s hilarious histrionics, everyone wishes to be invited to the show to be a part of all the fun and masti that it entails.

This week we saw the very talented Irfaan Khan and the attractive Arjun Rampal join the fun while promoting their upcoming release D-Day. While Khan was his characteristic witty and gentleman self, Rampal was at his charming best, and was seen playing the perfect ladies’ man to the girls present on the set. The actor, dressed in a smart jacket and a hat, strummed his guitar for all his fans and even engaged in an intimate waltz with one of them on stage, much to the girl’s excitement. As usual, all the women in the Sharma family did not let go of the opportunity to flaunt their best in hope of winning over the two handsome men on the set.  So much so that Upasana Singh aka Buaa, was seen decked up as a cabaret dancer in a body-hugging pink gown, wooing Rampal.

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