Are Karishma-Upen the mean duo of the house?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 14th, 2014 at 12:29 pm

So, even after Weekend ka Vaar, Karishma and Upen had no clue about why were they being called mean and ignorant. Especially Karishma had no clue that her actions would be the cause for an adverse effect! she was seemingly keeping herself off from others except Upen, after last night.

Karishma was given a nice reality check on how despite people trying to make her realize her eccentric nature, repeatedly chose to remain ignorant about everything!


Upen was fuming in agitation and advised Karishma “Agar main aaj jaaun toh tum inn sabko faad dena”. A little overwhelmed and feeling left out, Upen asked if he could get a hug from Karishma, and she nodded to make him feel him better! Karishma who looked full of stirred emotions said “Main yahan insult karwaane nahi aayi hun,maine kabhi galat ka sahara nahi liya jaise dusron ne liya”. Upen justifying himself said he has always sacrificed for other housemates and off late he has also ensured he doesn’t speak in English, sleep or removed his mic! The two friends also talked anout how they supported Pritam and Praneet during times and  it was them who have been acting mean and not Upen and KT. In fact I even heard her calling Pritam a loser! How rude can you be KT??

Upen is in the bottom line and the fear on his face was quite apparent.


Let’s see what the luck has in store for him!


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