Another Tabaadla that shook the house!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 16th, 2015 at 3:13 pm

As it’s already declared that for the week’s luxury budget task the challengers performed the best. Hence, now was their turn to gain a few rewards. And they were given two choices, which if I name would sound a tough call to take for even you! So Bigg Boss said that the team challengers could either buy their luxury food items or could swap one person from their team to the champions and could ask one team member from the champions team to come in their team! Who knew something like that was also possible as the housemates already had a tabaadla two days back. Discussing for a while challengers decided they would go with the second choice,to do one more swapping. Yeah! they sacrificed the luxury budget for this one. So who were the two people from both the teams who exchanged their mics?


Challengers asked Karishma Tanna to be part of their team going forward whereas Sana Khan to join the Champions team! You could look at their facial expressions going odd as the two changed their mics.

Sana wasn’t happy with many things but she wanted a swap. She was anyway upset with her team for not allowing her to give her name for the best performer during the task and now she took a stand to swap herself. This was just too much for the young lass! She even got into an argument with Gautam wherein she laid her opinion but Gautam stood by his words saying he said what he wanted to.


But certainly post this swap, everybody had come on guard. Now each one can feel the real jitters that the game is coming to the finale and the best performer would be the one who played the game the best way possible!


And so am I nervous and excited too!


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