Anandi makes Jagya realize #Balika Vadhu 2nd September to 7th September

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All this while Jagya couldn’t decipher what his heart and mind wanted. But a conversation with Anandi makes him realize that he loves Ganga. Anandi tells Jagya to draw a line between his responsibility which is Ganga and the promise which he has given to Sanchi to be her companion for life. Anandi’s words make a strong impact on Jagya’s mind. He decides that he will not confess his love for Ganga to anyone and that he will try to forget her. He also decides that he needs to get close to Sanchi who he is going to get married. Just then Sanchi enters wearing the Saree which Jagya had gifted her. She tries to get close to Jagya but Jagya avoids it and walks off from there. Sanchi gets hurt. 

Next morning Jagya decides to leave Udaipur. Sanchi thinks that it’s because of her behavior Jagya is leaving. Meanwhile Ira calls up Sumitra and tells her that they all felt nice that Jagya came and spent some time with them. Sumitra is happy and shares her happiness with Dadisa. 

At badi haveli everyone is concerned for Sumitra and her behavior. Bhairon has a heated argument with her and decides not to talk to her. Gehna tries to have a conversation with Sumitra but Sumitra misunderstands her and gives her a very rude response. Gehna breaks down and goes and talks to Basant. Basant tells her to not think about it and try talking to Sumitra later. He also tells Gehna that Sumitra is behaving like this because of her concern for Jagya and his future. Gehna understands and talks to Sumitra again and tells her that she understands her problem. Everything becomes fine between them.

Jagya comes back to Jaitsar. He decides that he will go to Mumbai to do MS so that he can forget all the stress and concentrate on his studies. He expresses his wish to his family. Everyone questions him about his decision and why he wants to go to Mumbai. Sumitra doesn’t agree and asks him not to go. He explains to everyone that it will be good for his future. He also promises Sumitra that he will not to do anything wrong and requests her to trust him. Bhairon hugs him and tells him to do whatever his heart wants to do. Jagya leaves for Mumbai. On his way he wants to call Ganga but then he stops himself and instead calls Sanchi and tells her about his decision to go to Mumbai. Sanchi is upset but then Jagya assures her that it will be good for his future. Sanchi is happy and she tells Jagya that she will wait for him. Meanwhile Ganga is constantly calling Jagya but he is busy on phone with Sanchi. 

Jagya reaches Mumbai and starts his course; Sanchi gets busy in her MBA and Ganga with her nursing course. Jagya misses Ganga and calls her once in a while to talk to her. But beyond a point Jagya becomes speechless and as he feels helpless that he can’t do anything about his love and feelings for Ganga.

Six months pass and Jagya returns to Jaitsar after finishing his MS degree successfully. Everyone at badi haveli is very happy. Jagya avoids Ganga’s calls as he thinks now he shouldn’t be in touch with her. He meets Lal Singh and he comes to know about Ganga’s feelings for him. He is shocked and surprised. He also comes to know that Anandi knew it. He wonders why didn’t Anandi ever mention this to him. Jagya is restless and confused.


Will Jagya still go ahead with his marriage with Sanchi? Will Anandi help Jagya coming out of this problem? Keep watching Balika Vadhu for more.


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