Amidst all the misfortunes, Ahaan to come as a ray of hope for Pankti on 'Tu Aashiqui'.

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We usually expect the love stories to sound like a fairy tale where the boy sweeps off the girl’s feet to win her love, and the latter goes to all the extent to profess her true love for the man she loves and in the end they live happily together.




However, Tu Aashiqui would give a new definition to love. Loving someone wouldn’t be easy here and an intense struggle too.

The story revolves around the young Pankti who is called an investment by her own mother. The innocent and simple Pankti is sold by her mother to a rich businessman for her own selfish desires. Pankti is not allowed to live her life in her own terms. She is held captive most of the times and has to listen to the orders of her mother and Jayant Dhanraj Gir to whom she is a mistress.




Ahaan comes as ray of light in Pankti’s life who is young and a budding singer, he falls in love with Pankti. Pankti comes as a motivation to him; she inspires him to do big in life.  Ahaan equally supports Pankti in order to make her grow in her singing career by all means, in fact stepping behind in his own career to be able to support her.

As the story unfolds one day Ahaan gets to know his own uncle (whom he respected the most) was behind keeping Pankti as a slave. Jayant Dhandraj Gir would expose the pictures of Pankti that would defame Ahaan’s family.  Pankti’s mother would blame her for being the reason for stagnating Ahaan’s career.

Knowing all of this Pankti decides to quit everything and go back into the same bad world wishing Ahaan to have a better future without her.




What will eventually happen in the end? Will Ahaan give up on Pankti? Will Pankti remain a forever slave to the shrewd businessman and her mother?

Watch this story begin on 20th Sept at 7 PM!

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