Aman's unconditional love for Teni and much more on 'Dil Se Dil Tak'

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Story of  Dil Se Dil Tak is leaving us without batting eyelids. Every moment has something interesting in store for. We recently saw how Aman has fallen in love with Teni, but Teni holds no such feelings for him. In last night’s episode we saw how Aman approached Shorvari, requesting her to give him one last chance to win Teni’s heart. Shorvari not convinced earlier eventually nodded giving her consent to try once.


Here, Teni craved for a particular kind of wafer and demanded Parth and Shorvari to get it right then. Shorvari and Parth tried their best but couldn’t get the one Teni wanted, in the meanwhile Aman who got to know about this took a flight to Mumbai to buy the same for his love. Next morning, Teni, Parth and Shorvari all got surprised to look at the efforts that Aman took. Aman in return felt elated that because of him Teni had a smile on her face. He even burnt all the pictures of his ex-girlfriends.







Later in the night Teni reached out to Aman thanking him for getting her the wafers but she also told him not to have any expectations from her in terms of love.  


Further in the story you will get to see how Aman tries everything to win Teni’s heart and even gifts her a ring as a proposal. Teni will seem to be in a fix listening to the taunts of Sejal and Poyni and then think of taking a decision regarding Aman.


What will be her decision? Will she be able to have the same feelings for Aman, who loves her so much or she will still turn down the praposal?


Watch all the episodes of the week to see the story unfold.


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