Aman was seen giving advice to the house mates

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During the‘sach ka samna’ task, the contestants went through a reality check of  the ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ Aman was asked to pinpoint the‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ qualities of fellow housemates. He was seen giving advice to Kishwer on how at times she becomes really loud and that her anger is always on the tip of her nose. He asked her to change this about herself.


Digangana was brainwashed by Aman. He told her that the housemates are taking her for granted by making her do all the work. So what if she was the youngest? She is not to be treated like the maid! By the looks of how Digi is carrying herself in the house she surely has taken his advice seriously. 


Prince"s style of fighting during the task is a curious combination of agression and stealth.He needs to take a step back and play a little cool This was the advice that Aman gave to Prince after ' rickshaw task '

Aman has turned advisor for Mandana every now and then when she seems frustrated in the Big Boss house. One of the recent time was during the rickshaw task where housemates left the friendship aside and started taking the task personally. He told her not to think about it as it will happen every now and then.

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After the hotel task got over Aman was seen explaning Rishabh that he could not humiliate women. The level which he went to was not expected from him.




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