Ali-Nigaar share how people have amplified their statements

posted by Admin, last updated on November 23rd, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Ali, who has been upset with Dimpy’s behavior for past couple of days has got a constant supporter in Nigaar. He is often seen sharing some serious issues with her. And Nigaar at her level is trying her best not to misunderstand Ali like others have. Ali was telling her how people in the house have always targeted him for small things by exaggerating to an extent making him the culprit of the house. He said they haven’t understood him. Ali also told Nigaar how Dimpy has been bitching about her with Puneet for several things.Is that another  Aag lagana Ali?On this Nigaar added that how she and other girls made faces that morning when Nigaar offered to help them in the kitchen. So, she knows about Dimpy! She said she actually understands Dimpy’s nature which is quite vague otherwise. She said if Dimpy is up with some allegations on her which are false she wouldn’t leave her for that!


Since Sonali and Nigaar are the only ones in the danger zone for eviction,  Ali said he was convinced about Nigaar not going this week and that she shouldn’t worry about what people have to say because he has gone through all that and has become immune to all the negativity. He also mentioned that she and Gauhar are the same DNA, hence she is as strong as her sister. On this Nigaar said there is no doubt about the same, and she doesn’t worry about eviction too, whenever she has to leave the house she will leave with her head high and lots of respect. Hmmm that is quite appreciating Nigaar, let’s see who is the one saying good-bye tonight!


Weekend ka Vaar tonight at 9 pm!


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