Ali becomes a teacher!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 1st, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Where in one corner Dimpy shared her dukkhda, the other side I found Pritam sharing a light moment with Sonali, Upen, Tanna, Ali and the rest. Pritam clearly sat with these people to avoid facing Dimpy.In fact on face he looked joyful with them! Hmmmm nomination effect!


So the unpredictable Ali thought to give some gyaan, he got Karishma and Upen stand right infront of him asking them to recite "pahada", meaning number tables in Hindi!.Looking at them learn tables in Hindi reminded me of previous seasons where ex-housemates had a school set up and all of them had acted like school students.


And OMG! Looking at Ali I couldn’t realize he was the same person whom nobody could stand just two days back! Gosh! I wonder how people change or should I assume Ali is smart enough to make up?


Finally, there is some mix and match between the two groups inside the house,let’s see how it shapes up in future!




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