Ali attempts to jump out of the house yet again. Gets almost successful.

posted by Admin, last updated on November 29th, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Ali looked very restless since morning. Apparently the way he is receiving hard looks from Puneet and Sonali after his return in the house is giving him nightmares! He told infront of camera a lot  of times that he was feeling threatened in the house and very insecure too. 

He complained of ill health yet again and was constantly seen sitting aloof. Karishma and Upen were the only ones whom he spoke to. He mentioned how despearately he wanted to leave the house and doesn’t want to stay for a moment. He said people have unpredictable mood swings in the house and it is unpredictable when they get fiercly violent next time in an attempt to hurt him. He wished to be out of the house in the next eviction! Well that sounded contradictory; when just yesterday I heard him whispering in the camera that he was back to win and that he would be the last one to leave the Big Boss House!

Ali revealed a few discussions he had in past with the P3G and other housemates wherein he proclaimed what all things were discussed then, which were projected in a horrible way infront of others later! Pointing at Puneet I last heard Karishma telling Upen and Ali “Mujhe wo insaan bilkul pasand nahi hai”. Tanna, then why do you approach him always?

Upen in order to take revenge from Ali acted very sweet in front of him, provoking him indirectly to leave the house. In a shocking incident I saw Ali’s second attempt climbing the roof and jumping outside. He was almost successful in doing that. But just then… Wait for what Salman have to say about this whole drama.



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