Ali and Sonali plot a prank against Gautam!

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Okay! Before telling you what they did, I found how desperately Ali wanted to sleep during the daytime. He asked Punzz if he could help him locate one corner in the house still unknown by many wherein he could hide and sleep.Puneet told him to fit inside the box which was used as the centre table in the living room! Huh? You won’t believe Ali actually tried fitting himself inside. I almost fell laughing, watching him in his attempt. Psst Psst poor fellow!


The High class captain-Sonali, also clearly told every guy inside the house to be well dressed and well groomed during her captaincy as she wouldn’t like untidy people around. Look whose talking? And then I noticed Ali and Sonali conspiring something against Gautam. So, basically the idea was to knead the wheat flour and shape it as a snake after that Ali would spray paint it black and either keep it inside Gautam’s belongings or on his bed while he would be fast asleep. Shhhh…let’s support them! Wouldn’t it be fun to see such pranks being pulled on the housemates, especially when we all know that Gautam has been lablled as a fattu? *Teeheehee*


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