Ali and Sonali bring out the fun side of Bigg Boss

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Some contestants became nostalgic and cried after watching their emotional journey in Bigg Boss but there are some who has provided us with such innocent humour that seeing their journey brought a huge smile on their faces. Ali and Sonali have been two such contestants who have intentionally and unintentionally made their safar mast and zabardast!

Bigg Boss showed Ali the way he entered as a wild card entry and created havoc from his first day! As the first captain of the house Ali fired off everyone to work and punished whosoever disobeyed him. He held the realm of the house within his tight grip and none of them could do anything to break his focus. But soon Ali became a part of the family as he joked around with everyone and entertained all with his humorous mimicry. But all stories have a low point and for Ali it came in the form of Sonali. Not once but twice the girl blamed him for misapproriate behaviour and once while he was punished by Bigg Boss the second time she herself slapped him! Housemates went against Ali but that didn't break him down and he kept his game alive with his humour and wit. Bigg Boss commented on how sometimes he too couldn't stop him from troubling other housemates even in the confession room and praised him for being one of the best entertainers in the Bigg Boss seasons.

Then came the 'Kantaal girl' Sonali's turn to relive her moments and it surely reminded her of the fun times! Bigg Boss commented on how even with her 'latkas and jhatkas' and her new techniques to do 'jhaadu', which became the talking topic among her fans, Sonali remained true to her character and remained carefree in the game. Often she was linked with Upen and Gautam and she became the biggest gossip topic of the house but nothing affected her and because of this attitude she managed to remain calm throughout the game. And when she got to know what Ali had spoken about her she took charge of the situation and slapepd him without caring what the consequences could be! Even today housemates gossip about her being possessed by a ghost but Sonali has taken everything in her stride and is standing strong among the top 7!

These two definitely provided the best of laughs and hopefully it continues for them in real life too! For now can't wait to know more about the upcoming Finale ka Twist!

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