Ali and Karishma's constant bickering over Sonali's captaincy!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 26th, 2014 at 12:27 pm

The duo was seen sitting outside on a bench as they discussed how useless a captain Sonali has been. In Ali's opinion, she used captaincy for an advantage so that she didn’t have to work and could throw orders around. They both even discussed how during her own captaincy Sonali had been caught sleeping inside the washroom and garden area. Karishma said she gave her name just for the sake that she had actually never been given any chance before to become the captain despite knowing well how laid back she would remain!


Ali and KT were seen bickering about Sonali and keenly wished for her reign as the captain to get over soon. Ali said that Sonali fears Karishma, even during the dance rehearsals a day back when Sonali was simmering in jealousy seeing Karishma teach steps to Upen but didn’t have the guts to tell anything to Karishma directly. Karishma made a comment saying “Usse mujhse darna bhi chahiye”

Today is the last day of Sonali's captaincy. Now that another round of competition for new captainship is coming up, who do you think will become the new captain?


Let’s hope the best candidate wins!


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