Ali and Dimpy fight over Chussu!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 26th, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Late in the night Ali walked upto Dimpy asking to stay her in her limits. Apparently, Dimpy had tried hiding Ali’s Chussu. He said he is emotionally attached to the soft toy and she shouldn’t have touched it without his knowledge.The scene happened while Dimpy was busy chit chatting with the P3G. In fact Ali lost his temper to an extent saying “Tu apni aukaat mein reh”. Dimpy was listening to everything that he had to say all this while but the mention of 'Aukaad' got her enraged and she started firing back at Ali.


Gautam, Diandra, Karishma and Upen, who were in the bedroom heard the noise and as Dimpy entered the room she heard them giggling. This completely put her off. She asked them if they even had any idea why was she upset. To this they said they actually have no idea why was she upset and that they were laughing on Ali and not on her. They tried to pacify her but she looked too furious to cool down. Dimpy said,when this house doesn’t stay behind taking stand for women and for those whom call them the ‘Real Men’ then why was she being left out? 


Ali, who was anyway very upset with Dimpy said she was there just to have maximum footage, and called her“Footage khaane waali machine.” 


God forbid their fights!


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