Akash turns totally against Shilpa, teams up with Hina in the Bigg Boss house!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on November 16th, 2017 at 1:52 pm

We all saw a sudden flip in Akash’s behavior towards Shilpa immediately after the latter reconciled with Vikas.





Ever since then Akash has left no stone unturned in passing comments against Shilpa. Akash says he feels used by Shilpa for her own benefits, he also says that she just projected herself to be motherly with him but now he knows she was just playing a game. He also made certain statements about both Shilpa and Arshi that didn’t go down well with the two ladies.





An extremely upset Shilpa tells Akash he should feel ashamed of his behavior and that he is humiliating the things she did to him out of affection. Akash replies saying “you are not my mother.” Arshi stands by Shilpa all this while. Akash, Bandgi and Hina have a lot to say about Shilpa and Arshi.






Shilpa says she has had enough now and it’s time to answer each one of them and that she wouldn’t spare anybody.






On the other hand Hina decides she won’t speak to Shilpa till the end of the show.





More entertainment coming your way, keep watching!

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