Ajaz becomes Dimpy's messenger!

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With Ajaz’s entry in the Bigg Boss house the game has turned more interesting! From the time he has stepped in everyone has upped their game and Ajaz has mostly kept Ali on his target. But last we saw him warm up to Dimpy as the dimple-cheeked girl even asked him to be her partner for the ‘couples only’ party. And looks like Ajaz is in mood to return the favour!

Bigg Boss has put a big responsibility on to the challenger and has given Ajaz the chance to decide if he wishes to play messages sent by each housemate’s family.  So when Bigg Boss announces that a message from Dimpy’s sister can be played if Ajaz wishes to, the Ek Number Manas shows his softer side.
But obviously Ajaz is a tough nut and it took great conviction powers of Dimpy to ask him to do this for her. Ajaz being a softie at times, didn’t like the fact that she cried and lovingly warned her that if she cries he wouldn’t play the message. But finally after much emotional turmoil Ajaz gave in and played the message.


Dimpy, who hasn’t gotten many chances in this game to talk to her family, was overwhelmed to hear her sister’s words as she encouraged her to play well and worry less about what others’ talk. Dimpy’s frenemy Ali was by her side throughout and it just showed how long these two have come in their friendship.
With such an emotional week in this house, it sure is giving me the goosebumps! Time to make sure I show enough love to my family!

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