Ahem! These contestants worked their magic on Malaika Arora Khan and she seems impressed! #IGT

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on April 23rd, 2015 at 3:54 pm

It’s going to be a very special evening this Saturday, especially for the gorgeous Malaika Arora Khan. Before the wild guesses happen, let us tell you there will be someone especially performing an act to woo the gorgeous lady. And no, it's not Arbaaz Khan. *TeeHee*


Dancing to the tunes of a romantic tone, a young contestant expresses his love for Malaika. So innocent and smooth it looks! Malaika looks completely taken aback and is totally unprepared for the same. And just towards the end of it she gets a sweet surprise when rose petals shower on her all of a sudden! Oh my gawd! Malaika blushes in delight and admiration! Aha, seems the guy worked his magic!


But this wasn't an end to the admiration marathon. There is another magician who asks her to kiss a fish drawn on paper, and then he converts the sweet kiss into a real fish! Woah! Now that's a uniquely magical act!
A graceful aerial dance earns accolades from just everyone present and we guarantee you it's a definite must-watch!
Well, this sure confirms that you cannot miss the talented performances this weekend!
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