After Upen-Gautam, Ali and Praneet's showdown brings the house down!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 16th, 2014 at 2:55 pm

This was something anticipated when it comes to task in this house. Especially, when there is a rat race to win the task and immunity for oneself. This time around it began when Praneet’s team asked Ali from the opposite team to do pushups. Initially, Ali refused but then he finally got down to complete the task. However, Praneet wasn’t convinced by all of this and believed that Ali didn’t do it the right way and hence he and his team could not score for this. He asked Karishma not to give score to Ali’s team and this made Ali go really mad at him. Ali screamed on top of his voice telling Karishma not to hear what Praneet said and that if she did, it was wrong.

Praneet, who is equally hot tempered, shouted back at him and asked him to keep his mouth shut. He warned him not prompt anything to KT as she knew whatever she was doing was right. Praneet fumed in anger with the way Ali spoke out to ladies, he warned him to mind his language, especially while he spoke with the girls. Both got down to abusing each other. They were very close to hit each other when the other housemates got involved asking them to back off as it was just a game that had to go on for the whole day, where such minor disagreements shouldn’t stop the task.


Did they stop? Or the fight turned into a bigger issue? Catch the episode tonight @ 9pm.


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