After two days of camaraderie, Dimpy and Sambhavna land in a tiff again!

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Women can't fake friendships! Even if they try to be coordial, it doesnt take much for the friendship to go kaput. So, in Dimpy and Sambhavna's case the story goes like this- During the nominations, where the contestants were asked to give one name each in order to save other, Sambhavna didn’t take Dimpy’s name but Karishma’s, which surprised Dimpy to the core. Dimpy, who received just one vote complained to Sambhavna that it was very hurtful to know that Sambhavna didn’t take her name in place of KT,  who was just friendly for past one week as compared to her, who was friends for past two weeks and actually close ones after clearing all differences. Sambhavna in her defence said that she didn’t do that to demean their relationship but since it was just one choice so she casually named KT whom she wanted to save. In fact, she said that even Dimpy didn’t take her name so why was she being questioned? There was a dispute between the two ladies, which they individually discussed with others too.


Ali who is unsafe for next eviction, was seen telling “Jo bhi ho, iss season ka Mr.Captain main hi hun”.


Was the issue between Sambhavna-Dimpy resolved? Oh god! Once again I saw Dimpy crying, why was that?


Catch all the secrets revealed in tonight’s episode!


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