After Chanda-Munda, it's time for Raktabeej to face Mahakaali.

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In the first two episodes of Mahakaali we saw how Mahadev makes Parvati realize about her own inherent powers and says how she doesn’t have to be dependent on someone else or even Mahadev in order to get protected or deal with a difficult situation. Parvati eventually gets awakened to her divine powers.





Parvati takes the form of Mahakaali in order to put an end to all evil and comes as a savior for all. She takes the bhavya roop and kills Chanda-Munda, the asuras troubling the heavenly deities. Everyone gets shocked to see Parvati in her new avtaar.  Chanda-Munda who tried to belittle Mahakaali and other women calling them weak, dependent and helpless got killed by her after being beheaded by her. Mahakaali wore a garland of their heads. In the rage she killed every asura who tried coming her way.





Later, another asura named Raktabeej confronted Mahakaali and challenged her. It also gets revealed that he has been blessed by Mahadev, and that is by getting multiplied every time a single drop of his blood falls on the ground. Mahakaali attacked him, she ensured to drink his blood before if fell on the ground and from the other hand collected some in the bowl. Mahakaali kept fighting without stopping.





She finally stopped turned her back and started moving in the opposite direction. Looking at this, the asuras laughed thinking she backed out but Mahakaali turned around once again and attacked the asura by beheading him and savoring the blood directly from the head that was cut.




Everything freezes post that.





Want to know what happens after that?

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