After a surprise exit of one contestant, Bigg Boss announces mid-week nomination!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 22nd, 2015 at 12:39 pm

Now since one of the contenders got evicted last night, Bigg Boss announced nominations yet again. Housemates were asked to gather in the living room, and announced that Pritam would be the first finalist who would enter the final week along with the amount he had won!

Bigg Boss also revealed that since it was a big achievement Pritam would also be the new house captain for the week! What else could Pritam ask for?


Few moments later, Pritam was called inside the confession room to initiate the nomination process. This time, each housemate could save one person from nominations. Everyone was called one by one asking one name whom they wanted to save. Except Karishma, who in front of everyone was asked to nominate one person for the next evictions, as the special adhikaar she received during the ‘Torture cage’ task. Karishma nominated Ali! 

Through these nominations it was clear that whoever got least votes or no votes were the ones in danger zone for the next eviction. Whereas whoever received maximum were safe to move ahead in the final week. Who were the lucky ones? And who the not so lucky ones?


Catch the Nomination special tonight at 9 pm!


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