Action replay in the Bigg Boss House: Housemates laugh at themselves!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 11th, 2014 at 5:32 pm

There was a new task launched in the house to recreate the memories of past from this season. Guess what did Bigg Boss do this time around? Bigg Boss divide the house into two groups to recreate the epic moments from season ‘aath’. These situations in the past had created a huge ruckus and hullabaloo in the house. The moments were to be captured in the mobile handset given to each team by Captain Karishma.

The first team of Sonali, Puneet and Ali were asked recreate the ‘Dictatorship’ episode during Gautam city task, the second team including Dimpy, Praneet and Gautam were to capture the situation wherein Ali had made attempts to abscond from the house and the third and the last situation of Karishma’s makeup story by team- Pritam, Diandra and Upen. Karishma being the captain was not a part of either of the teams.

I say this was really one of the most fun tasks of the season. Imagine the contestant in question was in splits looking at their own imitation and laughed their guts out on the situation which had left the house in tizzy, once upon a day!


Tune in for some super dose of laughter and see which team finally won the task tonight @ 9pm!


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