A tie between revenge & maintaining relations, on 'Ek Sringaar Swabhimaan'

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A recent happening on ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’ showed how the two sisters who are strongly bonded get married to the brothers of the same house. However, a lot changed earlier when their mother had to face humiliation and insult in front of their would be in-laws. At one place where Naina decided to keep the family closely knit because of the core values that her mother gave, Meghana chose to take revenge from her in laws in return of the offence her mother had to go through. In fact that becomes the sole reason for Meghana to get married to Kunal.





At one end, Kunal showers a lot of love to his wife and can’t stop praising her enough, Karan on the other hand tells Naina he doesn’t believe in this marriage of theirs and that she is free to leave his house anytime she feels like. Naina pleads and tries to make him understand but Karan pays no heed.





On their first night after the wedding, Meghana demands Kunal to do something which nobody has ever done, if he claims to love her so much. She expresses how she wants to go out, however there is a plan which goes on in her mind while she tries to coax Kunal for this. She purposely plans this so that they can skip the Puja that is scheduled to happen the next morning at 7. Kunal abides by it. The two leave the house secretly in the car.

What will happen now? Will Meghana be successful in her attempts?





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