A shocking twist that will change Bela's life forever

posted by Nupur Jetly, last updated on February 23rd, 2019 at 12:17 pm

Vish & Vikrant go through Jungle and notice that a lot of snakes are going towards Haveli. They suspect it and thinks to find out, but they were trapped and hanged in trees. Bela comes back home worried for Vish- Vikrant and meets Krish. He ask her if he can help her. She denies annoyingly & listens to Bean music. Vish-Vikrant try to help each other in opening their rope. Bela rushes to go out to find out about the Bean. But, Kuhu stops her by saying that doctor has come for a checkup of everyone, Andy is getting checked up & forces her to accompany her and get checked up also. Andy also ask Bela for the same. She is forced to get checked. She doubts the doctor after seeing others passed out and grabs the doctor and ask for whom she is working. She finds out that the doctor is also a snake, she just say carnation and passed out because of the injection Bela gave to her. Sumi enters the house with who hooded people.


Krish pulls her in meantime and tells her that he doubted the doctor that's why threw the medicine. They had a little quarrel. Bela asks him to leave. But, he denies saying that he'll come to help her to pay her debt of saving his life and taking care of him. They leave secretly. Sumi asks huzur men to search. Krish and Bela take a taxi to reach naaghaveli. On the way to haveli, driver tells them the story of icchadhari naag-naagin. They reach haveli where Bela warns Krish to come haveli on his own risk. He follows her inside haveli &gets shocked to see Bela's naagin form. She was about to go inside chamber but some snakes and hooded men stops her. A fight occurs between them. Vish- Vikrant also come to help her to defeat them and then they enter in Carnation place. Purohit crowns Ruhi/huzur as the new queen, Bela says she is their queen and that is fake but no one listens to her. Ruhi says she wants to share this moment with her partner and brings Mahir on stage. Bela is shocked to see this all. Bela asks Mahir if he trust her or this Ruhi? He says Ruhi. Bela,Vish & Vikrant are shocked at this. Ruhi tells Bela that she will get what she wants. Bela leaves sadly. Vish-Vikrant follow her.

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