A Jhalak of the Reloaded Acts of Week 7

posted by Kinjal Sampat, last updated on August 24th, 2015 at 5:08 pm

7th week of Jhalak saw some great performances, a few sad goodbyes but a lot of entertainment nonetheless! ‘AndazApna Apna’ theme had Jhalak contestants chose their favorite Bollywood dancel styles. Salman Khan with Hero cast Aathiya Shetty and SoorajPancholi were present on the show to judge the performances. Oh Yes! We missed you Sasha…

The show took a sad halt when Irfan Khan announced his voluntary quitting. He had to quit the show because he had to fulfill his commitment by playing in the Ranji Trophy tournament. It got even worse when we saw two eliminations happening. Subhreet and Ahshish faced elimination too. 

However as we say it always, the show must go on we bring to you some finest performances of this weekend. 

Sanaya- from TV Diva to the dancing Diva

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Sanaya has repeatedly impressed judges by her performances. She has evolved brilliantly from week 1 to week 7. This week she chose to perform the evergreen Charlie Chaplin style on the song Ghul Mil Launda. She got compared to the legendry Raj Kapoor by none other than Salman Khan. We have seen her ‘Swagger’ performance when she chose to imitate Kangana. That week and this week, she scored perfect marks too. For her recent act, she scored 30/30.

Faisal- Born to dance playing it safe week after week


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It seems Faisal and his dance connections are inseparable. Last week, clad in a scintillating pink Navvari Saree, he spilled the magical beans securing the immunity ball and becoming safe for the coming week. He had performed ‘lavani’ with his choreo-partner, Vaishnavi. This week he performed on  ‘Main hoon Hero Tera’ and grabbed the immunity ball this week too thereby facing no elimination for the second time. Way to go Faisal! 

Irfan Pathan- we shall miss you dearly


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Irfan's short stint with Jhalak was very special for him, his fans and us. A non-dancer as called himself, did all the efforts to give his best each week and the results were astounding. He enjoyed his performances and his fans saw a different Irfan this time.  He performed on Boss Title track but got no numbers for his act this week. 

Shamita- Gets the oomph factor!


Not quitting the show after her nose injury was the best decision she took on Jhalak otherwise we would have missed some marvelous performances from her. This week she startled everyone by performing on Dhak Dhak Karne Laga. Her seductive dance moves were worth watching. She scored a total of 28 out of 30.

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