A conversation with Aalisha Panwar from 'Ishq Mein Marjawan'.

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We recently got in touch with Aalisha Panwar who is playing the role of Arohi Kashyap on ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’ and it was indeed a candid interview.


Read below what she said –






Q: What excited you the most about the character?


Aalisha: I am playing the role of Arohi Kashyap on ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’. The character itself excited me the most because it’s a very strong character and certainly a character we would have never seen before.  Rarely you get to portray such a character on television. It’s a performance oriented character and for sure very interesting and different. There isn’t just one emotion but this character is shrouded with different emotions. Arohi is very unpredictable with her reactions. At the end of every episode people would feel like ‘really? Is Arohi like this also?’The audience would be left with a question mark every time they watch her thinking what else this character can do? Since the story is bold and edgy so the suspense and thrill involved in it during different situations are something one always looks up to.


Q: What was your reaction after you got to know you were finalized for the role?



Aalisha: *Laughs* Obviously I was very happy! I was also expecting to get selected as the audition that I gave for the role went really well eventually giving me a positive revert. Post that I had a couple of look tests, followed by a mock shoot with Arjun Bijlani. So everything fell in place right. The director liked my work and personally even I understood the character really well. Somehow I was able to relate myself with the character. I was feeling this is actually me. Everything just clicked and eventually I started enjoying the character and living the character.





Q: What's your belief, lover's love is bigger than lover's hate or no?



Aalisha: I think it depends on the lover. I feel if a lover would love you truly it would be on an extreme, but at the same time if the lover would develop a hatred towards you, the intensity would be the same. In that case he or she can even kill you in rage. But apart from that I would also like to say that there’s nothing greater than love also hatred is nothing in front of love, but then again it depends on an individual on the lover I mean to say. Ya toh wo Ishq mein mar jaate hain, ya toh ek dusre ko maar dete hain.


Q: What kind of rapport you share with Arjun?



Aalisha: Well we met for the first time on the sets of ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’ sets only. So during the mock shoot we were totally strangers to each other but after enacting a couple of scenes the director felt our chemistry was good. Slowly we kept meeting during the workshops and spoke to each other and the ice finally broke too! *laughs* It’s actually a wonderful experience to work with Arjun. I was really nervous initially thinking of his seniority as an artiste and wondering whether I would be able to match up to his level. But when I actually met him I found him to be a very simple man, very down to earth. Arjun is a very good human being. He made me very comfortable also he is very friendly. All of this made me feel that I am not meeting him for the first time and also we started sharing a good rapport ever since then.




Q: Any funny incident that happened on the sets?



Aalisha: I remember we were shooting in Shimla which also happens to be my hometown. We were staying in one of the hotels and one day my mother decided she would carry food for everyone. She got so much of food that not just the artistes but the entire crew also relished on it. The funny part was Arjun roaming around and calling in people to have the food, literally taking them towards the buffet. That looked really funny. But both me and Arjun wanted the food to be consumed and everyone to eat properly.


Q: How well is the show connecting with the audience as per you?



Aalisha: I am sure people are enjoying watching the show because this concept was never screened before on Indian television and they are getting to watch something totally new



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