9 Foodie Confessions Of Arjun Kapoor

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Farah Ki Daawat will feature the young gun Arjun Kapoor who is a self confessed foodie. Arjun is not only a big foodie but very openly he proclaims about his likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Here are some such tidbits he shares with Farah Khan in Farah ki Daawat –
1.Breakfast is a must – Arjun’s most important meal in the day is the breakfast. If nothing else during the day he cannot skip his breakfast for anything.
2. Non-Vegetarian pe dil aa gaya – He says he is a pure ‘Non-vegetarian’ by heart, and hates the greens! Oh, such a true blue Punjabi ain't he?
3. OMG that weight loss! – Arjun confesses that earlier he used to weigh 148 kgs! And look at him now with those glorious abs. Makeover at its best!


4. Salman Khan - The Guru– Salman Khan’s fit body and his invaluable tips was Arjun's only motivator to become fit and healthy. In fact Arjun has earlier also even confessed that Salman took him under his wings and had promised him to help lose weight saying, "main tere andar se ek insaan nikalunga!" Haha, Salman surely fulfilled his promise!
 5. Khaate peete ghar ka – Arjun reveals that every person in his family is a big foodie, including his uncle Mr. Anil Kapoor. *Jhakkaas!*
6. Cooking? What’s that? – One more declaration, he doesn’t know how to cook but loves to eat! Girls who love to cook, are you listening?
7. Schezwan sauce please! – Arjun Kapoor reveals he can eat Schezwan sauce with any dish. Spicy much?
8.  Weirdest dish ever eaten– Bitter gourd (also known as Karela) is the weirdest veggie that Arjun feels he's ever eaten.
9.  Secret unfolded – Arjun reveals that he would ensure the girl whom he is going to marry knows how to cook. Are you his right choice? *cue open recipe books!*
Phew! But there is so much more to know about this young Kapoor! Do watch him cook up a storm in Farah ki Daawat this Sunday at 8PM only on Colors!



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