8 foodie confessions of Ritesh Deshmukh and Sajid Khan

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Farah Ki Daawat is going to be full-on comedy this Sunday! And that is thanks to the rocking and hilarious director-actor jodi of Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh! The funny duo will be coming on the show to cook some yummy Daawat. Also we will see Riteish's beautiful wife Genelia accompany him to give him a much needed support in some cooking. Wow! Looks like they all will have a real blast together!During the show the trio share some funny anecdotes about their cooking experiences and how food relates them all. Get a glimpse to such foodie confessions right here!
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.1. Sajid loves sister’s khana – Even though Sajid is always cracking jokes about Farah’s culinary skills, deep down he knows that his sister is one of the most authentic cook! Aww, bhai ho toh aisa!
2. A cup of Coffee that did wonders! – During their initial days of dating, Genelia and Ritesh met over for coffee and spent quality time together. As they say, a lot can happen over coffee!
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3. Samosas on a date! – We usually think that actors always enjoy these yummy looking fancy dishes but on their first date, Riteish treated Genelia to a plate of Samosas. Must say, so desi of them!
4. Mujhe cooking nahi aati – Very candidly Ritesh reveals that he cannot cook at all. Once he was asked by someone what all can he cook, and he very honestly replied, "Air." Hahahaha!
5. Best food in the industry – Sajid honestly states that the best food in the Hindi film industry comes from Riteish’s house. Someone needs to raid his kitchen now! 
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6.What happens in New York stays in New York - In an attempt to cook rice while living in New York, Riteish forgot to add water in the pot and the fire alarm went on! Jeez, he really can't cook!
7. Sajid reveasl Farah's secrets! – Sajid reveals that Farah has always been fond of cooking and once in childhood during a fight Farah chased to hit Sajid with a frying pan and a knife! OMG! That's taking sibling rivalry to another level!
8. Sajid thinks thinks Ritesh is? – Sajid thinks Ritesh resembles a potato. No, we're not talking about his looks but he thinks it's his ability that he can mix up well with anything. He can act for any genre of movies and is fit for any role. Now, that makes sense!
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