8 foodie confessions by Yuvi and Sania

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Sania Mirza and Yuvraj Singh are two shining stars from the industry of sports. The two are also great buddies in real life.This weekend we will see them bind over food and much more in Farah Ki Dawat .The two didn’t just have a great time in cooking delicacies together but we also revealed some unknown facts about their lives.
Here's a quick look at what's coming our way!
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1.Yuvraj wanted to learn cooking before he joined cricket. Hmmm! Now this is something one wouldn’t have imagined about the dashing cricketer!
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2.Sania Last cooked years ago during her Home science class. And the dish was called- Chicken 65,which she will make us learn this weekend. So all those Chicken lovers out there, excited eh!
3.Sania loves eating Chinese and Oily food! Wow! Wonder how she maintains staying fit? Ummm, apparently the mantra is to eat and play it out!
4.The weirdest thing Yuvraj Singh has had are Cockroaches! Creepy! Watch the episode to know how those tasted to him
fkd (3)
5.Weirdest food Sania has tasted is a Snake. No. It didn't turn her into a Naagin! Heheh! #kthnxbye
fkd (4)
6.If it would be one Heroine whose hand cooked food Yuvi would love to taste is Kajol. Hello Kajol, are you listening?
fkd (5)
7.Yuraj Singh relates Virat Kohli with a Mirchi, Saurav Ganguly with Peanuts,Sachin Tendulkar with Garlic and himself with a cake!Interesting to know the facts behind those choices (winks)
8.Sania Mirza’s favorite Bollywood dish is Salman Khan and if he would be a dish she would call him – Salman Tadka Maar Ke!
Well,this isn’t it! There are many other facts about this friendly duo that would make you know a little more about these terrific personalities! Till then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below. 

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