7 Situations to look forward to on Shani this week!

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Too much is going on in Shani’s life. This week he will face some bitter truths that will change the course of his life. Here are 7 situations on Shani to look forward to this week…


Shani sees Chhaaya in Surya Mahal.




Kaakol takes Shani to Surya Mahal where he sees Chhaya. Shani is rather distressed by this and goes back to the forest. When Chhaya comes back to the tree- house, they have a rather emotional conversation and this time it is Shani who sings a ‘Lori’ to pacify his mother.


Yama challenges Shani.




Yama has seen Shani walk out of Surya Mahal and the next day he reaches the forest and challenges his own brother. Shani avoids a fight however Yama is unwilling to back off and a fight ensues. Chhaya has to intervene and stop the two from harming each other.


Shani gets to know that he is Suryaputra.




Surya is extremely angry with Shani and wants to kill him. But Chhaya intervenes and makes him take back his curse. She reveals to Shani that he is a Surya Putra and he is in a state of shock.


Indra and Shukracharya get to know that Shani is Suryaputra.




Indra and Shukracharya are both following Shani by now and are sure that he is the ‘Nyaya Devta’ that Mahadev was talking about. Upon knowing that he is the son of Surya Dev they are disappointed. They are unable to understand that how Suryaputra is bestowed with such powers.


Shani is invited to Suryalok.




Surya Dev stops Chhaya from visiting Shani. However, Indra humiliates Surya Dev and asks him to apologize to Chhaya. Although Surya holds a grudge against Shani, he invites him into the Surya Lok.Chhaya is surprised as Shani also readily agrees to visit the Surya Lok.


In the Surya Lok, Shani and Surya Dev don’t get along.




Shani keeps giving more importance to Chhaya and that irks Surya Dev. Yama also starts hating Shani all the more by his behavior. There’s a constant tension between the father and son.


Shani promises Chhaya that he will make amends with Surya.




The continuous strain between Surya Dev and Shani upsets Chhaya. She takes a promise from Shani that he will change his approach towards his father, Surya Dev. Shani promises the same to her.


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