7 Foodie Confessions by Sonakshi Sinha

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When she entered Bollywood, she was touted as the next big thing, but at the same time, she could not evade criticism by being called the 'Khaate peete ghar ki ladki'. This week as she shows up in her trimmed yet curvaceous self with mommy Poonam Sinha on Farah ki Dawat, we bring you Sonakshi Sinha's foodie confessions!
1.      Doesn’t know ‘C’ of cooking – While she loves eating, Sonakshi very honestly accepts the fact that she can't cook to save her life. Well, Jo hai wo hai.
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2.      Love for Indian food- Sonakshi prefers desi khana over any other cuisine in the world. Especially her mother’s hand made – Sindhi Kadhi.
3.      No Tomatoes please! – Better keep those away! Sonakshi doesn’t even look at the food if it has Tomatoes.
4.      Sonakashi the Chatpati Imli? – If there was a food item that she would like to compare herself to, it would be‘Imli’.  She calls herself ‘Chatpati’. Too much!
5.      She can beat Joye when it comes to Pizza – One thing she can have anytime and every time.
6.      ‘Bindi’ aka Sonakshi – That’s right! Her mother says people often call her by that name because of her mixed Bihari and Sindhi blood.
7.      Dinner date with PC– Sonakshi openly declares that if given a chance she would opt for Piggy Chops aka Priyanka Chopra to have dinner with. Isn’t that Cool Ms. Chopra?

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