6 things you have to watch out for in Ek Saal ka Jump! #CNWK

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CNWK is one such show which has made us literally ROFL! The show that began in June, 2013 has kept us on a laughing spree. From mouthing popular dialogues like ‘Ittu Saa’ to giving ‘Babaji ka Thullu’ to anyone who annoys you, all viewers have ingrained the show to the core! And now Kapil and his mad family are all set to take a year’s leap and move forward with the story.
Wondering, if this affects the entertainment factor? Well, definitely not! In fact, it just guarantees that the fun only gets doubled from here! We’re telling you six things you definitely need to watch out for in the upcoming leap. Check it out now!

1.Kapil with a baby?


Before you think that Bittu and Manju have finally fulfilled Dadi’s ‘Ittu Si’ wish and given her a grandchild, let us tell you that this baby is actually the offspring of Bittu’s Sasurji! Oh yes, this means this is Sasuma and Sasurji’s 18th child. Wow!


2.Twanty-two year old Bua is poor no more


Bua may have not found the right guy yet, but money is surely not a problem for her anymore. The story suggests that Bua has won a lottery and this new look of hers confirms that she is enjoying it thoroughly!


3.Set gets a makeover


While the story is moving forward, changes have been made to the set too. There are two new shops that have opened right next to Bittu’s house. Wondering who does it belong to?


4.Meet Gutthi – The Beautician


Gutthi just knows how to charm everyone, doesn’t she? And using this inane ability in her she has now turned into a full-time beautician and has even opened her own beauty parlour. Guessing her new welcome song would go like “Aap aaye hai humare beauty parlour mein, make up khile hai gulshan gulshan…” Oh, help us complete this song!


5.Palak has her own business too!


The girl who is always ready to display her talent to all celebrities that come on show, is finally settling down with her own business. And that too, a tailor shop! Wow, who knew Palak could stitch too. Way to go Palak!


6.Who is she?


Yes, we know that’s the exact question in your mind now but to know the complete answer, you have to watch the episode this weekend! Hint: She looks a lot like Dadi


7.Evergreen Siddhuji


Stories may take a leap, characters may grow older but one thing that will never change about Comedy Nights with Kapil is the very funny Siddhuji! Thoko Taali!
What are you most looking forward to in this 'Ek Saal ka Jump?' Tell us in the comments below! 


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