5 things we expect from Kapil and gang! #BB8

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Just one day to go for Kapil and gang to enter the Bigg Boss House. Can we have any guesses what all can be expected from them? Well my imagination says, these things can certainly be part of tomorrow’s episode which is surely going to be exciting and entertaining!

1.) Dadi’s famous kiss! – Do you think once Dadi enters the house she would refrain from kissing the gentlemen out there? I am sure the dudes themselves have no clue *Ehehehe* and certainly her famous *Hicchkki* is the most expected from her! Whose lap she would want to sit on? Any sure short name who is going to be her favorite in the house?

2.) Buaa’s dulha hunt on! – So what if Buaa will come to Bigg Boss house,she is certainly going to keep a close watch on those men, not to forget she is a 22 year old hot and sexy girl! Her top priority is “Shaadi”. Now we wait and watch which man in the house grabs her attention! And on contrary who will be the one who would force her to say  “Kaun hai yeh aadmi?” I personally want Upen and Gautam to be in either of the cases! *Ehehehe* The men with hot bods and status of remaining single as of now!

3.) Gutthi & Palak’s second visit! – The two were already welcomed during Diwali.I am sure having them again in the house would make the contestants recall what ‘real laughter’ means when they are around! Gutthi will surely act coy which she does forever, whereas Palak would have numerous confusions and questions to ask! Gutthi’s song “Aap aaye hain iss bagiiya mein” is certainly going to make them tap their feet! Hansi ke do powerful dose indeed!

4.) Comical reflief mixed with Siddhuji's shayari: Let's see how they react to Dadi's never-give-up attitude when it comes to kissing or to Palak's mind-boggling questions and unlimited talent challenges or to Bua's only wish to simply get married. But if that wasn't enough Siddhuji's shero-o-shayari is surely to take the night to another level! Well, to think of it the housemates might just have a little too much to handle while the Sharma family is in the house!

5.) Last but not the least,the man Kapil aka “Bittu”- Quite known how his eyes twinkle when he finds young pretty girls around! This time he is coming without his wife,so am sure he is going to flirt best way possible. Three ladies in the house,whom would he try to please the most? And what will be the ladies reactions?? Is he going to ask the signature question “Kya aapko kabhi laga tha ki aapko Kapil se milne ka mauka milega?” 

This is just what we presume! But I am sure these things have to move around the same, because this is what the audience love about them to do while in the Bigg Boss house!

Watch comedy night in the Bigg Boss House tomorrow!


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