5 Things Simar Can Do To Bring Out The Real Roli.

posted by Meenakshi Negi, last updated on February 5th, 2015 at 7:10 pm

1) Vaishnavi tries to kill Roli but Simar stops her. Simar then accidently runs Roli over while driving as she panics and feels extremely guilty about it but at the same time she believes that only evil can kill the evil. To know the hidden truth behind the whole story Simar needs to somehow keep Roli away from Shruti and the Bharadwaj family. Simar has Roli’s phone and that can be the key to prove that Jatin, Sushma & Roli are fooling everyone together.




2) Simar needs to spend as much time as possible with Shruti trying to make her remember every little thing about the the Bharadwaj family. She could do this by showing her some pictures of  the times they spent together and how she has helped Simar everytime when she was in trouble.




3) Simar needs to take Shruti to the Bharadwaj house and make her stay there so that she can remember something.. But at the same time Simar also needs to make sure Roli is not around Shruti.




4) Simar needs to make Sid believe that Roli is not his real wife and he is been taken for a ride. Simar needs to make Sid and Shruti spend sometime alone, which will help Shruti remember the who she really is as she has been getting dreams about Sid and her from the past. Sid can play a vital role in doing so.




 5) Simar needs to put Jatin and Sushma behind bars after proving that they have been giving some kind of powder to Shruti which will not let her regain her memory and also have been physically torturing Shruti. She needs to keep a close eye on Jatin and Sushma as they can’t handle any situation without Roli.







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