5 reasons your sister is your best friend #ShastriSisters

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They say the best thing about having a sister is that you always have a friend. And how true that holds in the case of our loving Shastri Sisters! Especially when they’re like four of them! The foursome often fights and cry but it hardly takes them any time to make up and go back to being each other’s support. Just like a good friend, a sister knows when to be with you and also when to stop you from committing mistakes. They’re like a guiding force that comes into play the moment your life takes a wrong turn.While there are several reasons which can prove why sisters are the coolest and the best friends you can ever have, but no one explains it better than the Shastri Sisters! Here’s how…
1. When you’re in emotional trouble she’s your go-to girl: Each time we see any of the Shastri Sisters like Anushka or Alka in problem they immediately call each other and vent their hearts out. Imagine, having three sane voices to console. Who needs therapy!
2. Sisters-cum-friends-cum-spy: Have boy problems? Don’t fret! Your sister is usually the first one to take on the job and they can spy like a pro! Remember the time Devyani went around looking for clues against Karishma? She left no stone unturned to prove her sister Anushka’s innocence in front of the family and help her reunite with her love Rajat. Now who does things like that?!
3. Sister in need is a sister indeed!: Need new clothes for a party? Raid your sister’s wardrobe. Need extra money to buy that piece of jewellery you’ve been eyeing for a while? Sister is like your in-house bank. There’s no need a sister can’t fulfill.  Like the time Anushka was kidnapped just before Rajat’s wedding ceremony, Devyani handled the situation calmly, didn’t let their father know about the tense situation and also managed to save Anushka from danger.
4. They know your worst fears: From your childhood to your teens to your ‘I’m-too-old-to-listen-to-you’, sisters have seen you in all stages. That’s why when it comes to facing your biggest fears like peer pressure or confronting parents for your mishaps, sisters stand by you like a rock. This reminds us of the time Peeya was being ragged by Neil and his friends. It didn’t take much time for the rest of the sisters to protect their little one and Devyani even planted a slap across Neil’s face. Smack that, sistah!
5. Sacrifice. Sisters. Enough Said: When you grow up with a bunch of sisters you automatically develop a habit of sharing, compromising and adjusting with every bit of life. A sister makes it her duty to make sure her counterparts have everything they require .So when the time comes they don’t hesitate in sacrificing for each other because they know the love shall always remain the same. Similar thing occurred when Anushka got to know about Devyani’s feelings for Rajat. Within minutes she decided to sacrifice her love for Rajat so that her younger sister could find the love she was seeking. Awww! Sisters are forever!
Do you also have a sister whom you treat as your best friend? Share your loving sister stories with us in the comments box below!

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