5 reasons why Sonali is the bindaas girl of Bigg Boss 8!

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on November 30th, 2014 at 3:00 am

She may seem to be the most aloof and not to forget the laziest housemate of Bigg Boss 8 but certainly Sonali Raut has her own ways of playing the game. From falling into controversies to falling into love every second week, Sonali just knows how to grab the attention of everyone! The P3G group calls her the ‘Black Mamba’ of the house and it is really for a good reason. When it comes to being bindaas and a no-nonsense girl, Sonali is first in line. For some she might be the attitude queen of BB8 but there’s no way you can ignore this girl and her antics! Here are some good enough reasons that go on to prove Sonali’s ‘care-a-damn’ attitude.

1.That hair flick move: Her hair-flicking move has certainly become her signature style and she does it with such haughtiness that even girls can’t help but notice. Recently Renee claimed that Sonali thinks she’s ‘high class’ and probably this is the latter’s way to show it!


2.The ‘jhaadu’ trendsetter: Who doesn’t know about Sonali’s unique ways of using ‘jhaadu’? Her invention of using a broom without bending deserves an award! (sarcasm intended). Jokes aside, Sonali has been repeatedly named the laziest housemate in the house but has that made the girl change her ways? Uh uh, nope! Sonali maintains that she does all the work given to her and refuses to accept criticism. Even after Salman made an attempt to make her understand she actually laughed it off!


3.Her ‘dil toh bachcha hai ji’: Sonali is the youngest contestant in the house and so is her heart. Sometimes she gets confused between Upen and Gautam and one week she seems to have a connection with Upen and the next week she falls in ‘love’ with Gautam. So confusing! But even so much confusion she doesn’t believe in shying away from her feelings and openly admits it to both. We shall only comment that she can do whatever she wants to do man!


4.She knows how to fall and rise up again: Often Sonali has shown her clumsy ways and keeps falling frequently. Be it in a task or even during a ramp walk. But if you give it a deep thought, it’s in her attitude to fall and shrug it off like it never happened. She gets up, dusts herself off and goes back to whatever she’s doing. Sometimes it’s good to have such an attitude in life, right?

5.Sonali – the police inspector ki beti!: While she’s a total ‘I don’t care about anything’ kinda girl but if someone crosses a line she knows how to give it back. And we’re sure Ali knows it the best! First time when Ali behaved inappropriately with her she didn’t take it lightly and eventually Ali got banned from captaincy. Once again when she heard inappropriate comments made by Ali for her, she lost her cool and slapped him. Woah! There’s no taking panga with this girl! There’s a reason why Gautam teases her as ‘police inspector ki beti!’



In a game where everyone is trying to build an image it’s rather startling and surprising to see a young girl like Sonali to openly embrace her attitude. While some may see it as a bad quality it does require guts and this girl is just full of it! What do you think about Sonali’s bold attitude? Tell us in the comments below!

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