5 Reasons why Neel and Devyani make a Rock Solid Couple #Shastri Sisters

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Neel and Devyani from Shastri Sisters are one of the most adorable couples we have on COLORS today. Who would deny that the duo looks extremely cute together. At a very early stage of their relationship, both went through many ups and downs.Starting off with disliking, leading to getting little considerate and eventually falling for each other.
Here are some reasons that make them one of the best couples- 
1.Young and good looking– Neel and Devyani just complement each other every way possible. Reminds us of ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’ tagline for them. So apt!
2.The Bonding – He hears before she says anything and she understands without him expressing. If this is not love, then what is it? Since the two have studied together and are also one of the youngest siblings in their houses, they get along really well. They are the True Sukh Dukh ke saathi!
3.Full of life yet non-ignorant – Like any other young couple in love, Neel and Devyani share the same zest for live. Living it to the fullest and enjoying every moment together. They have their share of fun times together, yet when it comes to life and family, they have got their priorities right. Something we can take back from them.
4.Respect for each other – Utterly honest in expressing their feelings, Neel and Devyani have the right amount of respect a couple should give to each other. The basic food for all relationships! Hai na?
5.The strength called LOVE – Although, their relationship is hitting the troubled water now, but we believe that their love was never so weak to become a pain for each other. 
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