5 Reasons Why Dimpy Ganguly Can Win Bigg Boss This Season

posted by Meenakshi Negi, last updated on January 30th, 2015 at 4:45 pm

A wild card entry, a melo-dramatic person, the 'abla naari' of the Bigg Boss house, Dimpy Ganguly has surely gained a lot of sympathy from the viewers as well as the other housemates by the unlimited supply of her tears.Here are the fabulous five reasons why Dimpy could win Bigg Boss this season.




1) She is the biggest politician in the House.

From taking Karishma into confidence to talking behind her back. From breaking the P3G group to manipulating Gautam, Dimply has played her cards really well in the house. 




2) She plays the symapathy card very well

Dimpy, without a doubt, can be crowned as 'the abla naari' of the house. Throughout her stay in the house she has been an unlimited supply of tears, melo-drama and back biting. From her heart breaking story with Rahul Mahajan to Sambhavna disrespecting her, Dimpy has managed to gain sympathy from the viewers and become one of the top five contenders to win the title.



3) She is the Poker who can provoke.

While Rahul was the joker, Dimpy surely was the poker of the house. The poker title given to her does not need any explaination as we all know that it started with poking Pritam and then Sambhavna and then with the rest of the housemates. Dimpy has been intelligent in playing the game by smoothly poking an issue and then gaining sympathy by her famous 'rone dhone ka drama'.




4) Unquestionably the most intelligent contestant of the house.

Dimpy has been a confusing character which makes her more interesting for the viewers who can't judge how the real Dimpy is. At times she cries, cries and only cries but before that even when someones poking her or disrepecting her she wears a fake evil smile on her face and gives out free flying kisses. hmmm interesting. She is the only one in the house who could think aling the lines of Bigg Boss.




5) Kabhi dushman kabhi saheli.

Remember how she had nominated Rahul saying that he was her biggest weakness in the house? Later we saw how conveniently she saved Rahul from nominations. This girl we tell you needs a research laboratory inside her head to know what she thinks and why?  Dimpy has been possesive towards Rahul since the time he has entered the Bigg Boss house. when rahul was flirting with Karishma it was clear on her face that she didnt want Rahul doing that. When Karishma asked questions on Rahul during a task Dimpy went and hugged Rahul ofcourse with tears in her eyes sayin "I am Sorry" which makes her the "good one" in the viewers eyes. Can anyone tell why did she do so?


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