5 Foodie Confessions of Mika Singh #FarahKiDawat

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This Sunday ‘Farah Ki Dawat’ will not only be tasteful, buy also absolutely musical! Guess who is cooking in Farah's kitchen this week? The two guests this time around are people whom we might not see as much we hear them. But you wouldn’t believe when we say they have a great sense of humor and fun side to them! Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself as we will have Anu Malik and Mika in the house yo! While we insist you not to miss out the impromptu songs inventions by Mr. Anu Malik on Sunday evening, we also share with some foodie talks about Mika Singh.
Here we go!
1. Take food when you go to eat food – So Mr. Mika Singh believes that one should ensure carrying at least some food item whenever invited at someone’s place for lunch or dinner.
2.        Look what Mika cooks the best – He proclaims he can make some awesome Chicken and Mutton dishes. *drools in anticipation*
3.       Oops! Anu’s pol khol moment – Mika jokingly revealed that Anu Malik is the only celeb who is present at every Daawat but doesn’t give one.  So this remains to us only, alright? *Khi Khi*
4.       Who’s the best music composer? – Mika freely calls Anu Malik to be the ‘Best music composer’ in the Hindi film industry’. Ah! Look at Mr. Malik.
mika 3
5.       Anything for the ladies! – So here it is, Mika tells that if someday Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif asked him not to eat he wouldn’t mind starving for two days. Dips and Kat, we want to see a sleeker Mika phuleez!
Trust us and don't miss the most epic episode of 'Farah Ki Daawat' with Farah's most favorite Anu Malik and Mika Singh. 
Tune in for ‘Farah Ki Dawat’ this Sunday at 9 pm, only on Colors!







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