5 facts about Ashoka we bet you didn't know!

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# 1. Ashoka in Sanskrit means ‘without sorrow’, but did you know that Samrat Ashoka was also known as Samraat Chakravartin- the emperor of emperors, Devānāmpriya- beloved of god, Priyadarśin -the one who regards everyone with affection?


# 2. Did you know that Ashoka killed his 99 brothers to take the throne after the death of his father King Bindusara? He became the king with the help of a minister, Radhagupta.

# 3. Did you know how big Samrat Ashoka’s empire was? It spanned from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan to Bangladesh and From Assam in the east, to Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in south.



# 4. Did you know that after killing his brothers for throne and fighting the battle of Kalinga (one of the bloodiest battles ever fought in Indian subcontinent), Samrat Ashoka was so devastated that the ruthless Mauryan Emporer eventually walked the path of peace and embraced Buddhism. 



# 5. Did you know that Ashoka, after ruling the kingdom for 40 years by practicing Buddism, sent missionaries to Srilanka, Macedonia, Greece and Syria to spread the message of Buddhism and peace.  Even his own children, son  Mahinda and daughter Sanghamitra to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for spreading Buddhism.



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