24 Season 2- Episode 6 Recap

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During the Russian roulette Jai shoots Mussa and at the same time police attacks from outside adding to the chaos. Jai and Roshan take advantage of this and escape to safety.




The ATU gets an address which could be the possible hideout of Chang. The team reaches the location to find Kush and Mitali. But Chang manages to run away.





Jai runs away from the prison with Roshan in the van that his associate Salim has arranged. He is holding Joshi at the gunpoint to make his exit from the jail easy. To prove that he can do anything to get out of jail with Roshan, Jai shoots Joshi on the arm. He has held Joshi as hostage.





Aditya Singhania calls Mallick for a meeting. She expresses her displeasure about the shoot at sight order issued by the home ministry. This makes her superiors doubt her capacity. They think that she has softened because she has trained under Jai and doesn’t want to take any action against him.





Jai throws away the sim card of his existing mobile phone. After that they change the vehicle and get into a trailer carrying cars for delivery. Gyan is continuously updating Jai about the police checking points. But while they are traveling in the trailer a police officer is about to check the car in which Jai is hiding with Roshan and Joshi.






Kiran assures a scared Sara that she can help her get out of this marriage with Inder. Inder overhears this conversation and starts abusing Sara. Sara encourages Kiran to take Mili and go to some safe place till evening. Kiran and Mili run away in Sara’s car while Inder tries to stop them. On their way, Mili becomes unconscious.





Dhruv comes to meet Devyani at her hospital. At the same time Naina Singhania has also come there to meet Devyani and she sees her with Dhruv. Misunderstanding the whole situation, Naina asks Devyani to stay away from Aditya. Hurt by Naina's words, Devyani asks Naina to leave her and aditya alone.





Is Mallick really finding it difficult to take action against Jai? Despite the tight police checking will Jai manage to reach his destination? Tune in to 24 Season 2 every weekend at 9PM for more thrill, action and drama. 

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