24 Season 2- Episode 21 Recap

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Vedant and Jai are baffled to see Kiran reach the docks with Vasu.Jai attacks and holds Kiran at the gun point pretending that he is holding Roshan’s daughter, Vaidehi as hostage. Tactfully, he manages to take in his custody 2 virus test tubes. 





Mandy tells Roshan that the girl, who he thinks to be Vaidehi, is actually Kiran, Jai’s daughter and starts shooting at Jai.Following this, there’s a counter attack from Roshan’s side and Kiran gets hurt on the arm. Later on, Kiran goes to the hotel to meet Veer while Jai continues with his operation.





Roshan makes a call to Javed, his goon, asking him updates on the work assigned to him.Thus, ATU team traces his exact location in the docks and communicates the same to Jai. Later on it is revealed that Roshan has asked Javed to kidnap Kabir, Mallick and Saigal’s son.





Jai asks Roshan to surrender as there is no choice. But there is no response from Roshan and hence the ATU decides to enter the building to get him.





Roshan blackmails Saigal and having little choice,Saigal helps Roshan to run away from the location.He also deletes all records of his communication with Roshan from the servers. Later on, to Saigal’s shock, Roshan also demands that Saigal should relesase his daughter Vaidehi from ATU.





Saigal comes under tremendous pressure by being questioned about Roshan’s escape. However, he has to keep the truth in wraps.







Bhowmick starts coughing during the conference call and Aditya is worried for his health. However, Bhowmick explains that it’s nothing serious.





PMO receives the news of Maneshinde’s death. Aditya suggests that Prithvi should go there along with NainaSinghania. Upon reaching Maneshinde’s house, Naina meets Antara and asks her to return the wristwatch. Antara, who is still shocked, just demands to meet Prithvi. Naina tries to make her see sense but to no avail. Finally she creates a situation that is favorable for Prithvi to meet Antara.





Aditya Singhania wants to improve things between him and Devyani as she is still very upset by the way she was treated.





Maya swears that all of them, including Jai, will have to pay for ill- treating her.


Will ATU get to know that Saigal has helped Roshan escape? How will Saigal release Vaidehi from ATU? Will he be able to save Kabir and Mallick’s mother?Will Jai be able to stop the release of remaining two virus tubes?Will the virus infect everyone at the PMO?


For all this and more, stay tuned to 24 Season 2, every weekend at 9PM!



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