24 Season 2- Episode 20 Recap

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Jai informs Vaidehi about the death of her mother and asks her to cooperate. She goes to the washroom and sends an SOS message on a code, which is connected with a secret mobile number of Vasu.





Roshan is planning to go out of India via sea route. On their way to the docks, they come to know that Vaidehi is in Mumbai and she cannot be left back in this situation. Maddy protests when Roshan asks Vasu to call backVaidehi.Roshan shuts her up saying that Vaidehi is his daughter and that he can risk anyone’s life for his family.





Jai and his team at the ATU are quick to act and they are able to block Vaidehi’s communication and instead the calls are diverted to the ATU. So when Vasu calls, it gets connected to the ATU. Coincidentally, Kiran is made to speak to Roshan as his daughter Vaidehi.Next, Roshan makes a video call so that they can identify Vaidehi and Kiran gets established as his daughter. Roshan asks her to come to a Joggers’ park from where Vasu will pick her up.





Agents Mihir and Zara inform Jai about Roshan’s location and also that any tele- communication can interfere with the radio frequencies. Roshan will come to know about their every move if they use mobile or walky- talky. Hence they activate a code where there can be no communication.





Devyani isn’t able to get any information from Dhruv but she volunteers to go to Gateway Residency with a team of doctors. Devyani is upset with Aditya and Dr. Bhowmick for not trusting her. Dr. Bhowmick goes to meet her and tries to convince her but Devyani snaps back at him. Veer suggests to Devyani that he always misunderstood his father and now when he has realized his mistake, it is too late. But she could still patch up with her father. Unaware that he is breathing in the virus infected air, Dr. Bhowmick sets off for the PMO to have a conference call with Australian officials.





Before Dhruv’s death Dr. Mehta has taken his blood samples to study if there are any traces of an antidote to the weaponized virus in his body.











In her room Antara checks the memory card from the security camera which has clearly recorded how she has helped Naina Singhania in putting Maneshinde’s dead body back on the bed.Later Antara calls Prithvi and urges him to trust her in any situation. When the nurse comes to Maneshinde’s room, she gets to know that he is dead.





Will the ATU be able to save Kiran? Will Dr. Bhowmick spread the virus in the PMO? Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 for more, every weekend at 9PM!

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