24 Season 2- Episode 18 Recap

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Jai leaves for Anjali’s house. Meanwhile Mallick calls Anjali Sharma and pretends to enquire about Roshan. Threatened by this, Anjali immediately calls Vasu. Back at ATU, Vasu’s number is identified.Unfortunately before Jai reaches Anjali’s house, Vasu has reached there and killed her upon Roshan’s instruction.





After killing Anjali, Vasu escapes from there. Roshan instructs Vasu to set up the next tube of virus at Dadar station. Roshan calls Anjali’s mobile which is picked up by Jai. Roshan demands Mallick’s death at Jai’s hands. After much deliberation, Jai convinces Aditya to take this risk.





Roshan sends a feed on Jai’s mobile which shows that they have only 40 minutes to act. Saigal is upset by this demand. But there’s no time to waste and Mallick asks her team to find out the location of the feed sent by Roshan. It is identified that the virus is set up in a weighing machine at Dadar railway station. One ATU team rushes to the station. However, when they reach the station suddenly the camera feed is lost and it is now highly difficult to locate the weighing machine.





Roshan calls Jai and once again threatens that if they continue to monitor Dadar railway station, he will release the virus right away. Jai tells Zara to get information in a more secured manner.





ATU identifies a location where Roshan could be hiding based on a bank transaction that he has done.





Mallick requests Saigal to take care of Kabir in case she dies during this mission. Saigal gets irritated by this and reprimands her. While Jai and Mallick are on their way to the location, Aditya Singhania calls Mallick to wish her luck. Upon reaching the location, Mallick demands that Roshan should give the exact location and disarming code of the virus. Roshan reveals the location but refuses to share the disarming code.





Jai has no option and he shoots Mallick.












Will the ATU team manage to disarm the virus? Or will the city end up getting infected by the virus? 


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