24 Season 2- Episode 15 Recap

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During interrogation Mallick threatens Dhruv that ATU will put him in Kush’s chamber so that he also gets infected with the virus and die a horrible death. However Kush is actually in the hospital and Mallick is only threatening Dhruv so that the fear of death makes him speak up.






While Jai is being interrogated by Abhilasha and Roy, everyone comes to know that Dhruv is trying to run away. Jai is immediately on his toes and manages to get the situation under control. Abhilasha and Roy understand that field work requires different kind of strength altogether. They suggest Saigal that if he wants, he can bring Jai back in ATU, however it will be entirely at his own risk.






Roshan safely reaches Mumbai and manages to hand over the test tube to Yotam. Yotam’s colleague Ali, who is a scientist, divides one portion of virus into 6 so that it can be released at 6 different locations. Roshan keeps one test tube with himself while Yotam and Chang leave with the remaining test tubes.






ATU concludes that Yotam is in Mumbai, thus, the target must be Mumbai.






ATU Agent Pillai is already investigating at Martin’s club but unfortunately he gets caught and killed. Jai and team attack immediately and Balraj is arrested. Jai and his team torture Balraj to get information about Roshan. But he doesn’t budge. Meanwhile a laptop is found on the premises and one of the six locations, a hotel called Gateway Residency, is identified.












Naina concludes that Shantaram was killed by Maneshinde. She calls Antara to tell that she would meet her at Maneshinde’s house.








Maya meets Veer at ATU.






Dr. Bhowmick’s team identifies a virus that can help in developing the antidote for the weaponised virus however it has to be imported from Australia.

Will Chang succeed in releasing the virus in Hotel Gateway Residency? Or will ATU manage to stop him before the damage is caused? Will Roshan be found?

Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 every weekend at 9PM for all this and more.

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