24 Season 2- Episode 14 Recap

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Later on Dhruv is brought to the ATU and Vedant interrogates him.






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Maya uses Balraj, Haroon’s goon, to escape to the Jetty but when he finds out about her cheating him he tries to kill Maya. At the last moment, Omkaar attacks Balraj and gets killed in the fight. As Balraj hears the siren of a police jeep he runs away leaving Maya behind. ATU arrests Maya as the Team is unaware that Maya has helped Jai throughout his mission.






Naina Singhania is ensuring that Maneshinde is completely under her control. With the help of Khosla she gets in touch with Shantaram, a man whose daughter was killed by Maneshinde in an accident. Shantaram tells Naina Singhania that he will help her expose Maneshinde but in return she should ensure the safety of his son Yeshwant who is in jail. With reference to this, Naina asks Aditya to release Yeshwant but Aditya refuses.






Will Jai be proven guilty in the enquiry? Will Roshan unleash the virus in Mumbai? Will ATU be able to stop him? Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 every weekend at 9PM to know what unfolds next.

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