24 Season 2- Episode 11 Recap

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Episode 11 of 24 Season 2 reveals that Jai pulls the trigger on Omkaar and much to his relief, the pistol was not loaded. Roshan was just toying around with Jai and Maya and this whimsical behavior angers Haroon.Jai, along with Haroon and Roshan leaves to meet the drug dealer. The Delta team who is watching them closely follows and keeps ATU and PMO updated. Jai manages to switch on the tracker by putting it in Haroon’s phone and as a result, the Delta team can track them to the exact location and attack at the right moment.Delta team head Kamat constantly clicks pictures and sends them to the ATU.

Drug dealer is none other than Devyani’s friend, Dhruv. While the virus is delivered by Mehr, a wanted terrorist, who was involved in the assassination plot of PM Aditya Singhania. On seeing Jai, she suspects this to be a trap but finally gets convinced to carry on with the delivery. Dhruv is testing the authenticity of the virus before making final payments to Mehr. Everything is ideal and exactly as Jai would have wanted to signal his team for an attack, but something holds him back. Meanwhile, Roshan gets into an argument with Dhruv over the money that Sherchan brothers are getting to spread the virus. This further leads to an argument between the Sherchan brothers. At this moment, Jai takes out Haroon’s phone from his own pocket and dials Gyan’s number. But by then, Saigal has ordered Kamat to attack.












































Due to her past records of drug addiction, Devyani has to take a blood test which will prove whether she is still an addict or not.

What has stopped Jai from signaling the team to attack? Will the terrorists be caught? Or will the Delta team fail in its operation? Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 for more thrill and excitement, every weekend at 9PM.

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