This Kairee is about to get sweet!

by Anuja Gondhalekar, posted September 13, 2012 at 11:09 pm

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Kairee's tagline may be 'Rishta Khatta Meetha' but the show is going to be much more meetha than khatta in the coming days. Now that Anuj has realized his love for Ambi and Mala is out of his life for good, the show promises to have a lot of tender moments between Anuj and Ambi.

Though Anuj and Ambi have been married for a long time, they haven't really had any chemistry between them for so long, friends as they were. Of course, there was a steamy dance sequence in the rain, but that was just poor Ambi's imagination. 
But now her dreams of romanicing her lawfully wedded husband will come true soon. Ambi and Anuj got married again (to each other of course) and what follows a wedding? A wedding night, obviously. So Ambi and Anuj, the newly remarried couple, get into the mood for love. And Imarti Devi gets into the mood for playing spoilsport. 

Imarti Devi, true to her self, has still not given up and is keen on maintaining the distance between Ambi and Anuj as best as she can. We can tell you that Imarti Devi is successful in her first few attempts of keeping the young love birds away.But as love conquers all, Anuj and Ambi will also find a way to be with each other. And when that happens, you can be sure that there will be some pretty intense scenes between the two. That would definitely be something to look forward to.

Consummation scenes have become quite the rage on TV off late. Now that Anuj and Ambi have found love in each other, what remains to be seen is that if this romantic track between the couple can set temperatures soaring on your television screens.

13 26
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Winner at all u turn ur hand or leg to- acting cricket dancing #jdj7 @ashish30sharma next is wat? Oscar in ur hand :)
A winner at everything u turn ur hand or leg to- acting, cricket, dancing #jdj7,next is what?? An oscar in ur hand :)
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Exposed!! @ashish30sharma 's talent for d funnies at #jdj7..pls also do lead in comedy..regular, quirky, hrishida type..romcom, khichdi show
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