Get an entry ticket to the BIGG BOSS house

by Meenakshi Negi, posted August 25, 2012 at 12:41 pm

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Indian television's biggest reality show Bigg Boss is all set to come back with new twists and turns for its sixth season this year. But this time we are promising a newer, cleaner and a scandal free house where the stranger will be locked, camera’s will continue to watch your move and a life disconnected with the rest of the world. 

If you think you can give it a shot and if you are looking for an entry ticket then the show host Salman Khan is ready to invite you! Yes, for the first time ever the Bigg Boss format is not just about the celebrities but the doors are open for the ‘aam Janta’ as well.

This year, the show will get the audience connected to the Common Man; his values, morals and faith as opposed to the stars, their hang-ups and tantrums. So, all the Bigg Boss fans, here’s a chance for you to grab the shortcut to fame with a little adventure and get noticed by Salman Khan. To get an entry in the Bigg Boss house, sms BB <your name> and send it to 56882 or Click here to register.

123 35
RT @simranbansal: to all those who believe in hardwork and focus support @karantacker irrespective of the result of #JDJ7 ! Am a proud fri…
@Mohan_ShaktiFC @ShaktiOnJDJ @NrityaShakti I continuously pray to the God that tomorrow our dancing inspiration @MohanShakti win #Jhalak7
RT @simranbansal: cannot wait for the telecast tomo @karantacker yayayyy request all of you to watch it !!! #colorstv #JDJ7 #support #team…
RT @simranbansal: cannot wait for the telecast tomo @karantacker yayayyy request all of you to watch it !!! #colorstv #JDJ7 #support #team…
RT @Suri_SM: This wait is killllliinngggg me! Can they already please announce the winner of #JDJ7 🙊😓This brings back #Nachbaliye6 memories…
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